Polly Jean


My tiny obsession with our dog has rubbed off on my eight year old.  She used Miss Polly as her inspiration for a project.  The project?  Create a creature, real or imaginary, out of recycled materials.  Easy.

She chose to make our dog.  I asked if she wanted to make it life size.  Duh.  Why would anyone make a great dane and not make it life size?

Her project blows everyone else’s out of the water.  It’s bigger, it’s cooler, and it’s quite obvious that an adult with an art school education helped her make it.  So, obviously, it’s pretty bad ass.  We covered the whole thing in recycled jeans, leading to a much more uniform finish…and we used pockets as ears and paws.  What 8 year old would think of that?  None.  Boom.  We used buttons for eyes.  Boom!

I am proud that my insanely expensive education has now allowed me to kick ass at second grade art projects.

We also had a good time making it…so there was also some great artistic bonding  going on in the kitchen too.  It’s ok, I’m the greatest parent alive.  You can say it.  I don’t mind.


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