I’ve had many references lately to those crazy happy meal characters that McDonald’s used to use in their advertising campaigns.

First off, yesterday a woman referred to get hair as french fry hair.  That one made me giggle.  There was a character with golden, chunky french fry looking hair.  It must’ve been a girl.  I feel like I’m imagining her with huge round eyes and a pink dress.  I can’t remember the clever name of that one…

The little nuggets dressed up for Halloween.  There was a nugget vampire, a nugget princess, a nugget cowboy perhaps.  There were toys of them dressed up as well…if I remember correctly.  Pretty disgusting if you think about it.

Don’t ask me why or how I get to taking about these things with people.  It just happens.  And I can’t take credit for the french fry hair….but it’s hilarious. 

The Hamburglar.  Mostly the action of being a burglar.  I think we should change the word burglarized to burgled.  Is that a word? Burgle?  To steal? To burgle? 

Hey girl, let me burgle that burger.

It makes it seem much less scary.

Grimace? That’s a terrible name for anything!  It would be like me naming a child Wince, Moan, Cackle, Grumble, or Bellow. 

Mom, Cackle burgled my french fries.


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