Finally.  It’s March.  I hope the spring air is upon us soon.  I feel like nearly everyone I know is sick, getting sick, getting over being sick….frankly, it’s sickening.

I spent the whole night with a pillow over my head trying not to breathe the same sick air as my sick husband.  He kept trying to creep closer and snuggle up with me…and I kept trying to creep away.  I don’t need those booger hands all over me. 
And I had 2 weird dreams about work.  One that I fell asleep with a client…literally fell asleep and awoke to the embarrassment of falling asleep on the job wrapped in a blanket with a fully clothed person.  Weird. 

In the other dream, a male client was being flirtatious and creepy and was trying to cover up his hard on…and was trying to get his sick booger hands on me.  I remember feeling his stubble in my face at one point.  Sick.  I blame it on the sick man creeping up next to me all night. 

Dreams are crazy. It’s funny how you can kind of figure out how and why your brain is messing with you.  Although I’m not quite sure why I fell asleep at work in the first dream.  Maybe I’m worried about not getting enough sleep? Maybe I’m even tired subconsciously?

Maybe my brain thought I would find it amusing?  I do.  I also find the hard on creep amusing even though that dream had a creepy vibe. 

I’m trying my hardest to not get this sickness that is been sneezed around my house though.  I fear the dreams may only get worse.  Now that it is March…things may start to thaw and fester even more. 

I must stay healthy…if only for my dreamworld sanity.


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