From the corners of my mind.

Who watched the Oscars?  I did.

I had a brain splitting migraine and it was painful to keep my eyes open, yet more painful to close them.  I hate that.  I had my head wrapped in a blanket hoping a little pressure might help.  Nope.  I had the volume turned down so low…yet the tv seemed to be screaming at me. 

And all the musical numbers?  Ouch. 
I’m not positive why I watched the whole program.  Something about the gowns and hair and movie clips that is mesmerizing.  It is.  You know it. 

The only movies I saw this year were The Hobbit, Paranorman, and The Guardians.  2 are cartoons…one is somewhat animated.  And I read Silver Linings Playbook.  I’m sure they changed the story a lot for the film.  They always do. 

And how about that Barbra singing Memories?  I don’t quite see what all the fuss is about.  Russell Crowe can sing pretty well too, you know.  I woke up with the song in my migraine-free head today though.  Except I don’t know the words, really. 

I think it should go, ‘crispy crunchy candy coated meeeeeeemories…’


4 thoughts on “From the corners of my mind.

  1. Too bad about the migrane!
    I thought Barbra looked beautiful~ there is some weird thing that if you like her you think she’s really special for some reason. But I guess I was thinking what’s so special about Adele when I saw her singing.

      • I like having these little public Internet conversations with you~ although it feels sort of strange. Maybe we should start a blog where we just write back and forth to each other. I would read that shit! Kind of like when I read old letters or emails we wrote to each and I think they are hilarious.

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