And yesterday was a double midget day…

So I’m 32.  It feels pretty stellar.  Yesterday my friend said that women are their most beautiful at 36, so I’m working up to that.  Shit, a lot can happen in 4 years. 

I intend to practice some gratitude this birthday year and here are the things I am most grateful for since Wednesday.

*free bday coffee (I may or may not have prepped lovely #2 to help with that one)

*a job that I really love and working with people that make me laugh and appreciate my strange-ness


*birthday cheeseburgers and tacos

*free birthday cake

*Pina coladas with friends (obviously we call them penis coladas…which then morphs into turd-a-coladas…don’t ask me quite why


*friends that make you beautiful handmade things.

*friends who buy flasks as gifts

*spotting a midget walking his dog

*anyone that will sing a song to me on my voicemail

*coffee and pie

*the coziness of my bed after having to get up and get 2 stubborn people ready and bring them to school

*those 2 little stubborn people

*my wife-pup

*spotting another midget in the same day across town…this one was an extra tiny old woman.  Fascinating.

*taking the double midget sighting as some kind of sign…and hoping that there will be more double midget days this year. 


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