What day is it?


I thought I would be fine.  I was fine on the way there.  Why not the way home?  I had an overnight flight….I slept uncomfortably on and off for that flight and the next one. 

My neck.  My aching neck.  And for a moment I thought the feeling would never come back into my right hand.  The circulation had been cut off for who knows how long.  Panic. 

What will I do? How will I work?  Amputation is the only answer.  How will I explain this to my boss??

Nearly one day later…and my hand works but my brain doesn’t. 

What day is it anyway? What time? Why isn’t it warm? Where is the blue sky and green grass?? Where is the sun and the beach?  Why don’t my eyeballs work? Why are my children hungry?  Why can’t I get warm enough??  Ice and snow? 

Valentine’s day? 

I suppose the least I could do is get one of those heart shaped pizzas and nurse my wounds. 


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