I’ve never really been to a military base before.  I’m a virgin navy wife, I suppose.

We’ve all seen them in movies and we all have friends and/or family in one branch or another.  But you really can’t imagine how it will be….to be on a Naval base…to be at Pearl Harbor.  The Pearl Harbor.

Not just visiting for an intimidating tour, but staying here. Immersing yourself in all things Navy. 

It’s humbling and intimidating. Intimidating.  Seriously.  Men and ships and submarines and men and camouflage and women who seem like men and guns and security and more men.

Everyone feels so important and I feel like a nobody.  Just a wife.  What have I done for the world/country lately?  This blog sure ain’t changing the world.

You must be on your best behavior.  There are more rules than you can even imagine.   Everyone is in a uniform and awake by 6am.  0600…military time.  All the men look the same and have the same tight haircut.  There is no way to tell anyone apart.

There is no need to ever leave the base.  Ever.

There’s stores, fitness centers, a clinic, bank, tennis and basketball courts, restaurants (not good ones…McDonald’s and Fatburger), and bars and clubs.  It’s a community within a community….and enormous.    Impressive and intimidating. Intimidating. Everything a young sailor might need.

There is this feeling of testosterone everywhere. 

It’s really sexy actually. 


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