4 am Pupparazzi


Look how bendy she is while she sleeps.  It’s impressive.  A little yogi.  She’s also really good at downward facing dog, coincidentally. 

Side note…my ‘smart phone’ wants to auto-correct the word ‘facing’ to ‘fucking,’ which made me giggle. 

I’m at the airport at the moment.  With my sticky eyeball blinks and violated feeling from security.  I’ve got nothing to hide…except the anti-fungal foot cream I have to deliver to my husband.  Sick.

From Chicago I fly to L.A.  I’m pretty positive I’ll be sitting next to someone famous on the plane….because they fly coach to feel like common folk sometimes.  And once in L.A. I know I’ll have to elbow through swarms of paparazzi. 

Ugh, respect my personal space!  I’m trying to have deep blog conversations with Billy Crystal and Billy Ray Cyrus, or as I call them, Billy Goats’ Gruff. 


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