Perhaps not the greatest photo…but I was like 25 people deep.  Give me a break.  I only took 3 pictures.  I don’t like to be one of those people that is taking pictures the whole time.  And I sure as hell don’t want to be one of those people recording video on their phones the whole time.  There’s one in front of me in this picture.  I hate that.  Enjoy the moment.  You can’t dance at all while holding a phone anyway.

At least I got Santa in there…or is it Waldo?  We’ll never know.

Soundgarden kicked some serious ass.  We had a blast.  I may have peed my pants a little.  Seriously.  When the band started everyone was jumping up and down and I’m pretty sure 2 little tinkles happened.  It happened.  Fuck it.  My friend kissed a random dude.  We didn’t see any boobies flashed or penises out.  Thankfully.  We stood by these 25 year olds and they thought we were like 20, so that was awesome.  I’ll piss my pants in excitement.

I mean, that Chris Cornell is really pretty fine to look at.

Everyone in the crowd was really nice.  Is that something that happens when majority of the crowd is over 30 (minus the 25 year olds)?  I feel like last time I went to a concert at this venue there was pushing and shoving and drinks being spilled and bitches and assholes everywhere.  Not this time.  All the tall men were so nice and let us stand in front of them.  The girls weren’t bitchy at all.

Let’s hope that this year of ‘fuck it’ brings on some more killer concerts (please please please let it be Pearl Jam), experiences, and good times.

P.S. I leave for Hawaii in 3 days.  Hows abouts that?


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