Polly spoons with me like a man-friend….only she is a lady-pup.  I don’t mind.  It’s like we’re horny teenagers.  We always must be entangled in each others’ arms and legs.  She lays her head on my lap and huffs and puffs.

Also, I initially attempted to write a post on my seemingly smart phone, and tried to use the voice command feature.  You know, you just talk and the phone figures out what you’re saying (mostly).  I’d say new paragraph and it would magically jump down to a new line.  Fascinating and slightly creepy at the same time.

As I was talking out loud to my phone, I thought about people with lisps.  How can people with speech impediments or lisps or even thick accents use this feature??  So I tried it.

Dumb phone, is all I can say.

I said with a heavy lisp something to the effect of: Excuse me Stacy, I need some garbanzo beans for my salad. 

This dumb phone didn’t screw it up at all!  Seriously.  Then I tried in an accent.  I really think I just totally wanted to fuck it up.  I chose Scottish. And I said: Here is your peppermint mocha.

The phone interpreted: He is the people are mean to me ca

And then I tried Irish and said: A-tee Ta-ta Ta-Tee Ta-Ta.  The phone thought I said Hottie Tottie.  I kind of did, I suppose.  What a fun little experiment.

AH!  Finally.  Giggle-time.

Back to snuggling with that humungous wife-pup of mine.


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