Can you believe that it is the end of January? I mean, where did the time go?

I remember New Years Eve like it was yesterday. We got all dressed up. I wore a bright orange jacket.  New Years seems to be the only night of the year that the brighter you dress, the more festive you look.

I really had no expectations. I foresaw becoming increasingly angry with my husband the more cocktails he drank.  But I actually had a fair amount of fun. Surprisingly, I made friends with his weird friend, whom I had only met twice before, and his inappropriateness kept me giggling all evening.

He kept hitting on all the ladies, including me. Silly boy…you are friends with my husband.

I don’t normally make resolutions.  It seems like a set up to fail.  But it was really the beginning of my ‘fuck it’ mentality.  To have fun, to not care so much, to enjoy life and live in the moment.  To not let someone else decide my state of mind.  I feel like it worked up until yesterday.

By the time the evening rolled around, my husband was snoring on the couch, I had a terrible caffeine headache, and lovely #1 grew more and more whiney about returning to school on Monday. 

Can’t blame her there.  I wish she was a little bit older and I could explain the idea of ‘fuck it.’  Then she wouldn’t follow in my footsteps of ‘stress yourself out over nothing.’  Poor thing.  I’ve doomed her. 

Maybe I could share it with her if she promises to never say it out loud to her tiny second grade friends??

Mother of the year over here. 


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