All that glitters is glitters


Glitter!  Yessss!  Why do I love it?  Look at how shiny and sparkly and pretty!!

If there is one thing that makes me utterly girly, it’s glitter.  I love to go to the craft store and stare at the glitter aisle.  Martha Stewart?  She makes some beautiful glitter.

I unfortunately did not purchase the pink.  I did, however, get some teal, bronze, and lavender.  Who wouldn’t love a valentine made with teal, bronze and lavender glitter?  I know I would.

My kiddos don’t know it yet, but I have a day that I am going to take them out of school and make gaudy, glittery Valentines with some friends.  I suppose we’ll have to eat doughnuts and drink hot chocolate with heart shaped marshmallows too.  And then we’ll have heart shaped meatloaf for dinner.

I don’t know why, maybe it’s the glitter, but I really kind of love Valentine’s Day.  And I’ve never really had a Valentine.  Just a husband.  That doesn’t really count.  He’s never gotten me anything glittery.  Maybe he never knew I liked it.  Here, I’ve been so fierce and independent and obsessed with the 90’s and all……


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