Pony power


Here I am, getting schooled in My Little Pony.

That’s Twilight Sparkle on the right, the purple one.  The green one is Emerald Rush.  He’s the only boy.  He’s also a Pegasus.  That means he has wings.  There are also some unicorn ponies.  You can’t be a pegasus and a unicorn unless you are royalty, like Princess Celestia or Princess Luna.


Who knew there was so much to learn about these Ponies?  I never really got into My Little Ponies when I was little.  I don’t even think I had one.  I was too busy with grunge music to care, I suppose.  I actually pretended my Barbies were going to Pearl Jam and Soundgarden concerts.  I am not kidding you.

I think the best part about my new Pony education was learning about Cutie marks.  The Cutie marks are the little pictures on the side of the pony.  You know, some of them have diamonds or balloons or cupcakes or something cute like that.  Lovely #1 informed me that your cutie mark is something that you are very good at, like Rarity’s cutie mark is jewelry because she’s a great wardrobe stylist.  And Princess Celestia’s cutie mark is a crown because she’s royalty.

Then the little Lovely asked me what I thought my cutie mark would be.  What picture would I want stamped on my thigh?  I asked what she thought it should be.  She decided it should be a paintbrush because I’m a good artist.  I liked her answer.  I’m glad she didn’t attach something to me pretending to be good at being the tooth fairy.  I think it’s kind of funny to think about.

What kind of mark could we use for sarcasm?  I’m pretty good at that.  Or witty dry humor??  I’m kind of good at that.  What sort of pictogram could I use to explain that I’m actually very good at speaking in weird accents??


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