Blueberry explosion


I’m a big fan of the blueberry.

So much, in fact, that I would rather have more berries than cereal.  Why put them in there in the first place if you don’t get at least 3 blueberries per bite?  Let me tell you, Special K is not that special without sprucing it up a little.

I purchased these particular berries from Target.  Wait, Target?  Uh…yeah.  We have a quote unquote ‘super’ Target near our home.  They sell groceries.  It’s like an upscale Super Wal*Mart.  At any rate, they tend to have some good deals and sales on random food items sometimes.  Yesterday, it was blueberries.  2 containers for $6.  Awesome!  Especially when a quarter pint is like $6.

I snatched up those bad boys in a minute.  I gathered a few other things and soon realized that I probably should have grabbed a basket for my shopping…but I was in a hurry, on my way to work, and just wanted to stop and grab a few things.  I loaded my arms full of lettuce, sugar snap peas, a sack of trail mix, said pints of blueberries and was wandering down the frozen aisle, thinking that I might want some frozen peas.

I walked down the aisle.  I spotted the peas.  Peas must’ve been popular too, as the package I wanted was way in the back of the cooler.  I shifted the items in my arms a little, opened the cooler door, and reached my arm in there.  My arms felt lighter.

I looked down at my feet.  One of the containers of sweet, juicy, on sale blueberries had taken the leap.  It had slipped off my perfectly balanced tower of food and was plummeting towards the floor.  It hit like a firework on the 4th of July.  The tiny blue rounds scattered in all directions.  They rolled in all directions and surrounded me.  Perhaps 7 remained in the actual container.

I stood there.  Stunned.  I looked up to see if anyone had witnessed this hilarity.  There was another woman having difficulty making a decision over pizza way down on the other end of the aisle.  Thankfully, the berries hadn’t made it all the way to her, yet.  I was hoping she would look at me and that we would share a giggle.  She kept her nose to the pizzas.  Surely, someone had to have seen this happen.  Nope.

I darted away, tip-toeing carefully around my beautiful berry firework sculpture on the floor.  I felt one burst under my boot.  ‘Sorry little guy,’ I thought in my head.

I went back to get another pint (duh…sale)…and then headed out to find someone to tell about my misfortune.  I saw a red shirted employee carrying a bunch of baskets.  He saw my armful of goodies and asked if I needed one.  Ah, the irony.  I did…and I didn’t.  I admitted that it was me.

It was ME that dropped the berries!!!



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