My bathroom is full of naked dolls. Nakedness of all shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Blondes, brunettes, pink hair, plastic molded, underwear and unrealistic smooth perky boobs. 

They’re always smiling!!  Always so delighted!!!! 

I always imagine them having valley girl type comments to each other. 

‘Ohmigod Barbie, I just love how you’re hair air dries to a frizzy puff!   And are you missing a chandelier earring??? That is like, soooooo hot right now.  Ohmigod, let’s check out the green stuff in the cracks of the bathtub!!’

And Barbie replies, ‘I am a beautiful mermaid.’

‘Ohmigod.  Bitch.  What-everrrrr. She always acts like her boobs bounce or something. They’re totally solid just like the rest of us.’


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