I am obsessed with giggling.  I adore all things relating to humor and light-heartedness. 

I find many people to be cranky for no good reason. 

I have been one of those people as well.  There was a time that I let ‘the man’ get me down.  I let it get to me so badly.  And yet I tried to use that anger and resentment toward laughter. 

It turned out my humor became quite cynical and sarcastic.  It was appropriate for the right crowd….wink wink.  Not for all.  I was deemed ‘a downer.’ 

Me? A downer? Fuck that! 

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been trying to reclaim my light-hearted witty giggles.  I suppose that might be why I paused my blog for a spell. 

It’s back.  I’m back.  Like a bitch slap to the face. 

And again, I find shit funny.  Regular, mundane shit.  Like the term ‘bitch slap.’ 

Let’s make a list of all the things that make us giggle. 

1. The shortened version of douche-bag: D bag.
2. Imagining people slipping on ice
3.  Nuts
4.  Any quote from the movie Wayne’s World.
5.  Conan
6.  Poorly drawn penises

Your turn.


4 thoughts on “Giggle-fest

  1. 1. when your grandma is the one drawing the poorly drawn penises. (true story)
    2. the word asshole. i just always thought it was funny that we call people that.
    3. calling everyone a cocksucker behind their backs.
    4. when dogs fart and it surprises them.
    5. when little kids who can’t really talk yet understand each other.
    6. your blog.

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