Have you seen that commercial where the guy coughs and wakes up the sleeping baby?  And then the wife gives him this look like she wants to scoop his eyeballs out with a splintery wooden spoon?


Not that I have a baby, but sometimes the incessant sound of people coughing makes my skin crawl.

I get it.

You’re sick.

But take a sip of tea, pop a Halls, excuse yourself and hack in peace, take some vitamin C or echinacea, or stay home.

And it baffles me these people are always so bewildered as to why they are so sick…they explain their eating, sleeping, and drinking habits of the last 72 hours while puffing on a cig.

‘I …huey-cougha cougha….mean, I just don’t…ugh-chmm-cougha.. get it, I must’ve got it from that one place where that person was sick…’


I can totally tolerate a juicy hack once in a while and I realize it sucks for the hacker, but it sucks for the hackee as well.


2 thoughts on “Cough-e-quence

  1. Oh god, I’m that wife…!!!!! The bit that gets to me is when someone **deliberately** coughs on me as they walk past… Ahhhhhh! Found you thanks to the lovely Rita Maria 🙂

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