A short recap

There are crumbs imbedded in this keyboard.  That is the price you pay for allowing two little lovelies to play games on your computer.  It’s all fun and games until there’s saltines in the space bar and goldfish crumbles in all the cracks and they get stuck on your fingers as you type.

I hope you missed me.  I missed writing.  Looking back…I sure did wait a long time to return, even though in my brain, I was writing blog posts daily.  Maybe I just need a recording device and an intern to translate my thoughts.  I am sure she/he would ask too many questions and begin to annoy me and I would be polite and silently grit my teeth.  It would go on for maybe 9 months.  By then I would resent the poor intern and he/she would have secretly been sending out impressive resumes for months and leave me.  I would be devastated.

I still dream of the 90’s…only not in Portland.  Although I thoroughly enjoy Portlandia, I am trying to revive the 90’s here in Milwaukee.  I fear they may have never left.  I wear my Doc Martens to work nearly everyday and I see the trends starting to come back into fashion.  It angers me a little.  I kind of wanted to be the only 90’s revived chick.  Those fucking cool kids piss me off.

I dreamt of Eddie Vedder last night.  I am not lying.  I was at a small, secret, intimate concert with a friend of mine.  She was wearing a jean jacket.  I was wearing these red shiny leggings and red leather high heeled booties.  I looked great.  I was maybe 20 pounds lighter in this dream.  I like that.  Eddie had his super long hair again and he came to talk to me.  He asked us if we wanted a soda or anything.  Ha!  A soda!  That cracks me up, brain.  I said something witty like, ‘I’m good for now.’  Classic.  I know if the dream had gone on we would’ve been married.


Also, I am going to see Soundgarden in like 2 weeks.  I can’t even tell you how very excited I am.  90’s revival.  But a progressive 90’s.  A less depressing 90’s.

Yes!  That is what 2013 is all about!  A less depressing 90’s era!!  My motto this year is ‘Fuck it.’

Fuck it: meaning that I am not going to bother letting all those small things get to me.  I’m going to do what I want and have a great fucking time doing it.  And I’m not going to regret any of it.


4 thoughts on “A short recap

  1. agh i have too many things to say:
    -i spilled tea on my keyboard today. it reminded me of when i slobbered my lollipop in typing class in highschool and the letters a, z, x stuck all semester.
    -i thought of you when i bought my studded combat boots last week.
    -when my friend tom says “fuck it!” while working in the studio, he always always always creates something fabulous.
    -i missed your blog. its the only one that makes me laugh 🙂

    • Hold on one second…studded combat boots??? Ugh, Rita, I am so jealous! The only ones I’ve seen that I liked were like $400. I might steal them and squeeze my fat feet into them. (My feet aren’t really that fat)

  2. Yessssssssssss!!! So happy to see you are back!!!!!!!
    I can type your shit for you and I would not be sending out resumes.
    Let’s hang out!

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