two years of blogging

When I first started blogging, I thought I was going to strike it rich, get a book deal, and then make a movie.  Yeah, just like the movie Julie and Julia which was based on that cooking blog. 

My blog is not about cooking.  Duh. 

Still…two years later, I have retained my two favorite readers.  I have also gained some ‘like’ stars here and there.  I have written some funny posts and some insightful posts and some really stupid posts (like this one). 

Sometimes a strange thing will happen and I’ll think to myself I must write about that on my blog…and then I don’t.  I forget.  I lose.  That must be why I’m not rich, without a book contract, and without a stellar movie starring me.  Because I can’t think of anyone that I could see playing me. 

Not Katie Holmes.  ew.  She smiles weird sometimes with her tongue pressed up against the back of her teeth like someone trying to squeeze out the bars of a prison.  I don’t do that. 


4 thoughts on “two years of blogging

  1. that is such a weird but super fun idea…hmmm….who could act my part in a movie? maybe penelope cruz? but back when she first came out and she was mousy. now she’s way too sexy and voluptuous to play me.

    who will play you? in my head i would want helena bonham carter because she is the only one cool enough to play you 🙂

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