Why do they sell storage bins with lids?


Um…so you can store things.  Lots of things that you don’t use or need or want to see every single day.  They come with lids so that you can close them up and stack them in the basement. 


How brilliant!

Now…is this common knowledge?  Because my husband thinks that all the lids should be off and the storage bins should be open…so he can find what he’s looking for. 

Is this for real?  Am I in the twilight zone?  Every time I go to the basement, all the lids are scattered about, wide open, un-stacked. 

It’s like an annoying rummage sale that you have to dig through other people’s old, discarded, unorganized things.  Except our things aren’t discarded.  They’re just out there…wide open for all the creepies to live in.

I think he thinks I’m the crazy one because I open and close lids when I need something. 

I asked him if he wants spiders living in all his stuff.


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