I like things.  I also like a lack of things.  I like organized looking things. 

I also have a lot of things that I’ve saved.  Mostly for art making.  Scraps of this and a box of that….because I might use it for a project someday. 

I might….No, I will!!!

I like my space for art making to be in a little disarray.  I like it to look artsy.  You all know what I mean. 

I am a small hoarder of art supplies.  I think all artists kind of have to be.  How else can you make things?  How else can you use things??

Still…I like all my things in that space.  They make me happy.


One thought on “Hoarders

  1. My friend loves the looks of my artsy knitting basket. She doesn’t knit, but I made an artsy one for her to display. All her other friends are impressed, althogh mislead about her knitting skills.

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