The price of gas: tired of hearing about 7 cents fluctuation on a day to day basis on the news and in mind-numbing small talk. 

Do people really drive across town to save 2 cents per gallon? 

I just can’t hear about it anymore.  It’s one of those things that is and always will be constantly different. 

Plus we Americans are spoiled with gas prices.  It’s about double in other areas of the world.  As it should be.  As should Doritos.  Make all junk food and petroleum based products the most expensive.  Make quality handmade goods affordable!!! 

Let’s just have gas be an even $10 a gallon.  Or $100 a gallon.  Even Steven.  Never have to worry about it going up or down, and we will rely less on driving and more on our legs and lungs to get us from point a to point b.  We’ll save money by eliminating that expense completely!

Except I do love driving and listening to my 90’s jams. 


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