Turning back time


I’ve been slightly obsessed with smoothies as of late. I add the despised wheat grass and spinach and sometimes celery. You know, the good ol greens. Oh that wheat grass….gives me a little gag each time. It’s growing on me though. Sometimes I steep up some black tea and use that instead of juice to get a nice caffeine boost. I suppose I’m trying to quit the coffee. I know, I know….it’s the greatest creation on earth. Perhaps it is just the caffeine I love. Which led me to the black tea. Which I also adore. Also, it’s healthier than juice in the smoothies. Less sugar, more antioxidants. I need to kill all the free radicals I can in this old bod. I’m trying to turn back time here. Cher? Is that you I hear? You’d take back all the words that’ve hurt me??? If you could reach the stars, you’d give them all to me???? Thanks Cher.


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