Small rant….

My husband has a friend.  She works with him once a month.  They are exactly the same, except she is a woman and he is man.

She came to visit this past weekend with her husband. Her husband is pretty cool and tolerates her much like I tolerate my husband.

At any rate…I tried really fucking hard to like her. And I don’t. The trouble is that she is a girl so she tried to gain my trust that way, but then would encourage me to talk about things that annoy me about my husband. And then, she would take his side and explain how I should just love him for him and all this psycho-babble bullshit.

It just seems twisted to me. Don’t try to be my friend and give me advice and then always take the other side. It’s annoying. And two faced. And bitchy. And why don’t I just ask your husband about you, stupid.


I had finally had enough and instead of blowing up at her, blew up at my husband. He understood. He thought is was a little messed up too.

And I know they’re friends and they talk, and I made it clear that if he tells her about all the angry ranting, it’ll be a sad sad day for him.

Sorry for the rant.

I already have awesome friends. I don’t need another husband.


4 thoughts on “Small rant….

  1. oh man. a girl version of my husband would be way too much for me to handle. i have your back on this one.

  2. oh, boy! I think I remember that chick from your wedding… at least you made an effort to like her. But as I always say: everybody doesn’t have to like everybody, right?!

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