Bring on the summertime birthday

Both my husband and I have birthdays in February….and we live in the Midwest.  The weather can be frightful and make for dangerous and annoying celebrating. 

This past year, while out and about and freezing on my birthday, we decided there should be a way to pick a beautiful, warm summer day to celebrate.  Now, anyone can just pick a day and have a party at their house….but there has to be free birthday drinks involved. 

No bartender is giving out anything free on a random summer day when your ID says your birthday is in the middle of winter.  It’s like there should be a way that you can waive your actual birthday and choose the day you want to celebrate.

If I ever own a bar, I will instill summertime birthday IOUs.  It could look like a little fake ID and have a beautiful summertime theme. 

I like this idea. 


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