Electric dreams

This brain can dream.  It must mean I’m sleeping more soundly lately.  Maybe. 

Except…a lot of my dreams are creepy and action packed.  Or they’re super fucked up and weird….impossible to explain. 

Last night I had an action packed thriller of a dream.  All of the electronic devices in the world were coming alive and killing everyone.  A little transformer-ish, I suppose. 

All the cords turned into outlines of lions and mean elephants.  Cell phones were zapping people with charges. 

There was a mystery man that I was with and we were helping to save each other…because everyone else had gotten cut in half by the tv or fridge or something. 

Isn’t it weird in dreams when you’re with someone and in the dream you know exactly who it is, but then you wake up and you can’t recall anything about them except where you were and what you did?  It’s so fucked up.  It’s so great though.  Dreams are so very cool. 

Although mine was a little creepy, admittedly, I’m impressed with my brain’s way of working all these strange things into an awesome story.  Amazing!


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