Hey….there’s a hair in my taco.


New ridiculous painting in the works. 

I’ve been painting pretty curly hairs lately.  They remind me of sperm, which is funny, and unintentional.  And I like them but I feel the need to move in a direction with them…

I was struggling.  I was thinking of just painting some of my favorite things for lack of better subject matter.  I started with food.  I thought to myself…I like tacos a lot..

Then the A-ha hit me!!  Like the band!!  Take on me?  Anyone?  Get it? 

I thought….I’ll put hair in the taco!!!  It wasn’t even a dirty thought at first.  And then I realized the implications of hair in a taco.  Even better. 

Oh, Brain….you got me again! 


2 thoughts on “Hey….there’s a hair in my taco.

  1. Nice one, friend! I was planning on writing: “Hey! There’s a pube in my taco!” but then as I got to the end of this I realized you thought the same thing. Want to hang out and work on art stuff together?? I just realized I ought to email you instead of writing all of this in public.

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