I’m a little self conscious about my ankles. 

My mother has killer ankles.  Seriously.  Nice and trim.  You can see all the tendons.  They tan up real nice in the summer too.  Hello, genetics??  Where were you on this one?  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have as flat of feet as me. 

Is it arch support that encourages slender ankles?  Do you have to do strange stretches on the end of the stairs or something? 

My feet are pretty flat.  It makes my knees knock together.  Not drastically….I imagine you are all imagining these bulbous cankles and knobby knocking knees. 

We always paint pictures of ourselves different for others…I like to tell people I’m a hideous, slimey beast.  That way, when they finally see me, they think, wow…she’s really normal and boring looking. 

Except the Doc Marten’s boots.  That means that I am a superior being.  They hide the ankles too. 



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