Yesterday I had a little time to kill, so I went to the arts and crafts store to browse and get some ideas…and some paint.  I’m low on acrylic. 

I found this great sale on some big frames.  I got 2.  They’re not the greatest quality, but who inspects frames?  I think I should be safe.  And at 15 bucks each…not bad….and they’re huge.  Rare to get a decent deal on big ones with glass and matting.

I keep feeling this pull to redecorate.  Or maybe to actually decorate.  Or to display artwork I’ve labored over…or to collect the lovelies’ scribbles.  Hence the frames.

I also stopped at a discount store…to browse, of course. I browsed myself into this super frickin cool green leather purse!   

Between the new Dr. Martens, my Rufio hair and this purse…I am feeling like the coolest cat in town. 

Now…to make some bad ass paintings to hang on the wall with my new paint. 


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