What’s wrong with this picture?


As you can see, I got the doc martens I’ve been obsessed with as of late.  It was an easy purchase.  Find the style, try on, sold, see ya.

Lovely #2 and I browsed around the rest of the mall, ate some shitty food court grub, and headed to back to our side of town to pick up lovely #1 from school.

I was excited to show her my boots since I feel like she appreciates the 90’s grunge fashion sense…even though she’s only 6.

I open the box and pull out one and start to straighten up the laces.  They came with an extra pair of yellow laces too.  So we strung those into some of lovely #1’s glittery high top sneakers.

I finally pulled out the other boot from under the tissue paper…and it seemed to not quite go with the other.  It seemed smaller and mis-shaped for the left.

Turns out I got 2 right boots.  No left.  One size smaller than the other.

Aw shit!  Of course I’m way too excited about these boots to wait, so we saddled up and went back to the stupid mall.  The same girl was working and she felt really bad that I had to come all the way back.  She gave me a coupon for some $ off my next purchase…so I bought another pair of shoes.  Dang!

The whole thing amuses me…and I got what I wanted in a round-about way.

Happy leap year to me.


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