Happy leap year

Leap day is tomorrow.  What a strange day…every four years.  It’s every 4, right??

I had this awful, pathetic moment where I thought it would be utterly hilarious if we all started saying ‘happy leap year’ to each other. 

I mean, the whole year is a leap year…not just tomorrow, leap day.  Strange, no? 

It just makes me giggle incessantly to think of people saying ‘happy leap year’ to each other in incredibly awkward moments.  And it’s really not that funny, but that’s what makes me giggle…because it’s so frickin stupid. 

For instance, you buy a jug of milk and in closing, the clerk says happy leap year as you walk out the door…and it’s the middle of June. 

Or your fiance proposes to you over a candlelit dinner and after you accept, you exclaim ‘oh, what a happy leap year!’

What about a little kid…bumps into you in the store and his mother is mortified.  She apologized for her ill-mannered son and gives a little wave and a shy little ‘happy leap year.’

It’s so stupid, isn’t it? 

Ugh, it’s so funny to me.  I can imagine it recreated as a skit on SNL.  Justin Timberlake would be in it. 


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