Well, Hello Choco…*wink wink*

The Brain of Kate is now kind of brown!  I like to call it Choco.  For those of you that do not normally read this blog (um…what is wrong with you?), I changed the layout last night.  It’s called Choco!

How many times do you think I can use the word Choco in this post?  Hmm…

I changed my aspiring business webpage and labored over the layout for hours.  Coming back to the old brain, I felt it needed a little brain-lift too.  I liked the old layout too.  The green and orange was bright and cheerful.  But, don’t you really love Choco?  I mean, it looks like a leather bound journal.  No, no no…a Choco-late journal!  What a novel idea.  You could write down all your heart’s desires, secrets, lies, crushes, and other silly things we write in diaries…and then you could just eat them.  No one would ever know that you really had a crush on Aaron or Chris back in middle school.  Did I make up those names??  No one will ever know.

Count Chocula.  There’s another good one.  Well, I should say Count Choco-la, shouldn’t I?

Choco Taco.  Those are really tasty.  Dang, really really tasty.

Choco Chanel?  Nah, it’s actually Coco.  But Choco and Coco go pretty well together.  You know, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.


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