Rufio? Ru-fee-ohhhhh!

Let’s face it.  I’m a short hair girl.  I just feel more like myself when I don’t have all that shit on my neck and ears and I can just mess it up and it looks right.  Yeah.  I feel funnier.  I feel trendier.  I actually feel a little thinner.

So I got a haircut yesterday.  I didn’t get home until after the little Lovelies went to bed, so I saw them this morning with my short, messy, slept on hair.

I asked Lovely #2 what she thought about it.

She said ‘You look like Rufio.’

Here is Rufio…from the 1991 Robin Williams Peter Pan flick Hook:



I suppose she’s onto something.

Then she said, ‘I wish you had a boyfriend named Rufio.

Me too…Me too.

Rufio had his own Happy Meal action figure.  I couldn’t find a decent image of it…because everyone’s trying to sell it in the stupid plastic bag it came in.  I’m all for making money on old cool toys, but they’re also meant to be played with.  Especially Rufio.  He was a fairly important character in the movie, but let’s face it…he’s not bringing in the dough.  Here’s an action figure of Rufio as well:

Play with me

Did you know that Rufio actually dies in the movie.....unfortunate

I took it as a compliment though.  I think Rufio’s hair is pretty bad ass.


4 thoughts on “Rufio? Ru-fee-ohhhhh!

  1. Haha, Rufio has always been my favorite! And his hair IS bad-ass, I’m kind of jealous. I also love having my hair really short. If it breaches 4inches then it’s gone too long! Although, sadly, right now it’s at about 12 inches because my boyfriend likes it long. But come summer I’m chopping it off again in a heartbeat.

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