How many garbage bags do you use?


It’s a little sickening how much garbage we go through.  Like, nauseating.  Don’t you think? 

So last time we bought a package of garbage bags, we wrote the date on it…obviously…so we could track just how disgusting and wasteful we really are. 

As you can see, this box of 200 bags was purchased September 4, 2010.  Seems like a long time ago, right?  About 17 months ago.  Almost a year and a half.

I was thinking we actually did a good job…then I did the math.  200 bags divided by 17 months is 11.76…so let’s round that up to 12.  12 garbage bags in a month.  Ok.

So that makes 3 bags of garbage a week.  That doesn’t make me happy at all.  What is all this garbage we produce?  Why is there so much?  I know I have a family of 4 but I was hoping 200 garbage bags would’ve lasted us longer to calm my conscience. 

Ugh, we’re killing the earth.  I feel totally responsible. 


4 thoughts on “How many garbage bags do you use?

  1. I read on one of these blogs about a woman who doesn’t use garbage bags at all. She just washed out her nasty garbage bin once a week with the waterhose and a scrub brush. She said once upon a time her grandmother did that. She never used garbage bags. They were considered an expensive luxury in her day. I liked this. When we run out, I think we’re going to try it. As of now, we’re trying some that compost (and are expensive). We’ve gotten to where we only have to put out 1 trashbag about once every three months. (There are only two of us though, opposed to four.) We compost everything, recycle everything else but the big thing is we’ve tried to stop buying stuff in packaging. Not as easy as it sounds depending on where you live, but not completely impossible. Our goal is to have no trash.
    Anyway, the fact that you care, that you noticed and that you’re alarmed puts you leaps and bounds ahead of other households that don’t even think about it. And that’s always step one. Awareness. Kudos to you!

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