Generic Nutella?? Bring it on


Who doesn’t love Nutella?  Chocolate hazelnut spread?  Slather it on a croissant?  Hell yes…

Well I found this off brand knock off for a steal at Aldi’s.  Let’s face it, it’s the same stuff with a different label.  It is.  I bet it’s made in the same factory, the same batch, the same jars…but different paper.  The jar is very much the same as the Nutella jar. 
It tastes the same.  It’s like 2 bucks less.  I love it.  I’ve eaten far too much of it so far.  Lovely #1 will be happy to discover a Berryhill Hazelnut spread sandwich in her lunch. 

What kid wouldn’t want a chocolate sandwich?  


2 thoughts on “Generic Nutella?? Bring it on

  1. Oooh. My kids go through Nutella likes it’s…well, Nutella. We can’t keep that stuff for more than 2 days before getting devoured. (I admit, I sneak downstairs at midnight just to have an oversize spoonful of it).

    Good to know I will no longer need a second mortgage to stock up on it now.

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