I have the best watercolor set ever



Just look at this watercolor set I am so lucky to have.  I organized my little art space the other day…and every time I go through these things, I am re-inspired.  I unburied my watercolors and smile.

So the story with the paint set….

My mom gave this to me.  It was hers.  It was actually handmade by this man she knew.  The details around this man are fuzzy…maybe they took art classes or he was a neighbor or something or a friend of her dad’s.  Shit.  I don’t remember!  I’ve ruined the story already.  I’ll have to call my mom and get roped into some unrelated conversation just to find out that she doesn’r remember either.

This man handmade the whole paint case.  He even saved all these little Carmex lip balm jars…and handpainted the color name onto the side of each one.  He mixed all the colors that he put in the jars.  There is also a palette and paint trays on the top of the case.  It’s really impressive.  And I use it a lot.  It would be a shame if I didn’t.

It’s really portable, but heavy.  It’s a fucking suitcase of paint.  It’s something that is so very precious because it was meticlously hand crafted and then shared with me.  I don’t really remember my mom using it very much, but I’m sure she loved it too.  I can’t wait until I’m old and decrepit enough to hand it down to Lovely #1.  And you better believe I’m waiting until I can’t even move my nasty, crusty fingers to give it up.  I know she’ll appreciate it more than #2.  She’s my artist.

Tell me how jealous you are….


3 thoughts on “I have the best watercolor set ever

  1. I always thought your watercolors were the shit~ that’s why I’ve been saving Carmex jars for the last 12 years, so I could be cool like you… they take a long time to empty! 😉

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