Wouldn’t it be nice…

I feel lazy tonight.  Superior laziness.  But this is like my Friday night…this is the beginning of my weekend.  So I suppose it might be worse if I had to start a new work week tomorrow…and I don’t.  Awesome! 

I’m still lazy.  I kind of want to do a little surfing on the net.  I want to annihilate my brain with some insignificant ridiculousness.  However…I also want to lay on my couch and zone out to some food network. 

I seriously love zoning out to some cooking.  Because…there’s no way I’m going to attempt to cook any of the recipes, but I truly appreciate it all and they make it seem so effortless.

At any rate…the internet and the tv/couch combo are in separate rooms I’m my house.  I wish I had a fricking laptop.  I have a small amount of internet capabilities on my phone…but I don’t want to have to squint and use my stupid thumbs for everything. 

I want a laptop.  I don’t need a laptop by any means.  It is out of pure laziness that I wish this. 

Dang, and I’d love for there to be some delivery nachos and margaritas.  Free, of course. 


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