Ear wax is grosser than boogers

Did you ever feel a little tickle in your ear?  And then you examine the source of the tickle and find it to be an ear wax flake?  A flake that has floated loose from the depths of the ear canal and is making its way out. 


What is ear wax made of?  Oil, skin cells, dirt….what else?  There has got to be more dirty little things that go into that hideous waxy flaky shit. 

Are there little bees living in there?  A candlestick maker?  And the butcher and the baker? 

Ew.  One time in college I had to have a mass of wax blown out of my ear.  It was the worst ever.  The nurse basically sprays water forcefully into your ear until the wax unlodges itself and the water flushes it out.  Disgusting.  It’s so loud to have done also.  I don’t remember the ins and outs of why I had this wax ball in my ear either.

I feel like one of the dirty kids now. 


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