The neighbor’s boyfriend drives a stupid fancy car…

I have a neighbor down the street.  I’ve never met her.  I didn’t know she was a she until I saw her boyfriend creeping out on the street in his car, like, every single day. 

It’s a car that you notice because it’s sporty.  I don’t know what make and model it is, but it looks like a spaceship.  You know, one of those…

I finally said something about it to my husband and he asked the other neighbor…who said its this lady’s boyfriend.  Leave it to my husband to find out.  He’s not self conscious like I am and doesn’t care about his nosiness.

Anyways…his car is stupid and ugly and she always makes him wait forever before she comes out to the car.  Why does this annoy me? 

Because.  Because it does, it just does. 


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