Does Aleve give you weird dreams?

I had to take some Aleve pain reliever before bed…because my frankenstein stitches in my mouth began to throb again.  I think I slept great.

I had crazy bizarro dreams though.  One included an old friend that I’m not really friends with anymore.  She was in another dream the other night, so that’s even weirder.  I think she was telling me wrong directions and I got super pissed at her.  Her hair was really frickin cute.

In the other dream I was a real estate agent.  I was showing this odd house to this odd man who started off actually being one of my female clients…and then turned into an old wobbly man.  This house had a produce store in the basement, a water slide inside the house, and an exquisite view of a California-like landscape.

Strange.  But was it the Aleve?  Or was it just my brain working out the day’s events?  I suppose we’ll find out this evening, as I’m sure my mouth will still be throbbing.

Hopefully its a good, normal, weird one and not a creepy one.  I dislike the creepy dreams.


2 thoughts on “Does Aleve give you weird dreams?

  1. I have weird dreams all the time. My family does to. We are always telling each other our crazy dreams. I do not take Alleve or anything for that matter and I wake up thinking, What the..?! Why did I dream that? Crazy stuff. Some of them stick with me for days and some I cannot remember very good. Sometimes, I wake up scared and pray to go back to sleep and forget, and the stupid dream continues. Then there are dreams where I wake up right at the good part!

    Do you wake up tired after dreaming? I can sleep all night and wake up feeling exhausted like I need two or three more hours. It can be awful sometimes, especially if you have to get out and be somebody. I usually start sleeping really good an hour before it’s time to get up.

    My mom had a transplant and her doctor told her Alleve was one of the worst meds we can take, to throw it away. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 🙂 I know it works good at times, but it is straight sodium and is extremely hard on your liver and I think he said other areas of your body also.

    I wonder if you may be missing your friend or if your friend is missing you, or if there is something about the situation you have not worked out in your mind yet. Sometimes our conscience can speak to us through dreams.

  2. I love when you’re having a really great dream and you wake up a little but then you can fall asleep and get back into the dream. Love that.

    I don’t normally take much pain medicine, but I’ve had some dental blunders and the tylenol just isn’t cutting it and I’m afraid of Vicotin. Eeeesh! Aleve sounds scary too!

    Thanks for reading!!

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