I hate my dentist’s assistant the most

Despite the anxiety and gruesome trauma my dentist inflicts on my psyche…I truly despise his assistant even more than I do him. 

She does good work, I suppose.  In his eyes only.  She sucks the spit and hands the tools and yadda yadda yadda.  She does all the running around for him and fetches me from the waiting room. 

I went to visit my dentist enemy again yesterday….brutal, bloody, disgusting, mentally draining.  You may have gathered I have a dental project happening.  You are correct. 

So the bitch comes to fetch me and says my name and then turns around and bolts.  And I have to chase her down to find the secret dental chamber we’ll be torturing me in for the day. 

No hello, no how are you, no eye contact…nothing.  And I don’t really care…because I don’t like her, but come on!  They know I’m dentally challenged. 

I won’t go into gruesome details about what transpired at this visit, but there were tears and a little hyperventillation and little sympathy from the helpful assistant, except for her shoving a tissue into my hand.  Thanks. 

I think my husband called and asked what the fuck happened to me…after I sobbed to him uncontrollably over the phone.  What a good man! 


4 thoughts on “I hate my dentist’s assistant the most

  1. Ask to fill out a patient survey at the receptionist desk. Then you can write away your woes and possibly do something constructive for their business. If they don’t have one ask if there is anywhere to make suggestions or complaints. I personally was lucky to have a good dentist and assistant till he moved on and now I have his old partner- whom I am very uncomfortable with. Hope the rest of your project goes alright. And that is a good guy ya got!

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