I heart Bacon


Who doesn’t love some good old crispy bacon? 

We made pancakes and bacon for dinner last night.  I’ve never seen the lovelies both eat everything on their plates.  Seriously.  These kids love breakfast. 

Who cares about that….let’s talk more about these bacon hearts I made!!!

So, oven preheated to 450 degrees, shape the bacon on a sheet that has edges Si you can catch the melted fat…or there’ll be a stinky grease cloud in the oven.  Sick.  I don’t know how long they were in there.  Maybe 10 minutes or so…just until they looked to be the perfect crispness. 

I flipped them over just at the end to crisp the other side. 

Voila!!  Bacon hearts!!  The best part about these was that there was good variation of nice and crisp and not quite as crisp.  Inside the creases was still a little chewy but not super limp.  No one should like limp bacon. 

AND I could de-grease them all on one layer of paper towels. 

Oh, it’s the small pleasures. The small bacon related pleasures. 


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