New notebook! Aaack!!!

I have a million notepads, sketchbooks, journals, folders full of scraps and ideas.  I love them.  I love to look through the old ideas and make new ones. 

I bought another one today.  Of course I did!  It’s got some fake bonded leather cover and it looks all slick.  It has one of those little ribbons attached so you can keep your place easily. 

I love it. 

Trouble is…I am always so intimidated by a new journal/notebook/sketchbook.  It’s a lot of pressure to fill it with things of substance. 

I find that it is easier for me to begin if I skip like 5 pages and then start something.  That first blank page is daunting! 

I feel like if the first page sucks the rest of the words and doodles in the whole thing will be just as sucky.  I don’t want to ruin it…


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