I hear geese

Geese.  I can hear geese honking as they fly over the house.  January 6th.  Is this troubling to anyone else?  Shouldn’t the geese already be South for the winter? They’re supposed to have this migration in like September, right??  Right??  It is January!!  We’re cutting down on the poor goose vacation.

Oh, hey, I forgot…global warming.  Uh, yeah.  It was almost 50 degrees today.  That is not normal.  It’s supposed to be 10 degrees and there is supposed to be snow.  There is not.  There is rain and fog and endless gray-ness.  It’s nice that it is mild and all…however it leads me to believe that the end of the world is much closer than I anticipated.

Shit, let’s hope it all goes down tomorrow so I don’t have to go to work.


6 thoughts on “I hear geese

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