If I wrote a book would you buy it?

You’d have to buy it….because just reading it wouldn’t count.  I wouldn’t get any money that way.  There’s got to be some serious printing of pages and exchanges of dollars.

Because, you see, I want to write some books and not have to really go to work anymore…because writing is fun.  And making cool things is fun.  And that’s all I really want to do and I think I’m so- so at it.  Most of the time.  Well…whatever.  If you don’t like it, then gimme some critiques.  Give me some hate mail!

Who am I kidding?  Syruh and Rita would buy my book…however I would just give them copies.  So it’s up to the rest of you.  I think there might be one or two more of you that stop in occasionally.

Ah, to hell with it.  I’m going to write one anyway.  Just to prove that I can.  Just so I can say take this job and shove it.


3 thoughts on “If I wrote a book would you buy it?

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