Mmmm Hmmmm

I had to go to a class today.  It was fine.  Some new cool things to use at work and all that jazz.  No biggie.

The only thing…of course there’s at least one thing…is that someone kept saying mmmm hmmmm to themselves during the whole presentation/lecture thing.

Now, I am all for giving the teacher some inclination that you’re understanding what they’re saying.  You know, the usual: eye contact, taking notes, nodding.  Yes, nodding is a great one.

It would have been a great one today.  It’s not like the teacher can actually hear who is saying mmmm hmmmm.  It’s this hum that seems to come from the walls.  You can’t figure out where either.  I couldn’t even decipher the voice behind it.  It’s kind of like a nose whistle.  You hear it, but everyone looks the same as they breathe.

It was driving me mad.  Further into the day I kept thinking I was hearing it and turning my head quickly to everyone at my table to see what they were up to.  They all looked at me like it was me….or like I was a complete nut bar.  I was probably imagining most of the mmm hmmmm’s throughout the day.

If I was the teacher and had to hear that buzzing in my ear all day I might feel good and proud.  Proud of my accomplishment getting through to that one person.  The person that loved what I was saying so much.  The person that really understood.  Or…I might slowly go insane….which I may have.


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