Sometimes it’s strange to see old friends

So there’s this old friend of mine that lives in our general neighborhood.  He walks a lot and takes the bus, so I usually spot him walking while I’m in my car…or something like that.

We were really pretty great friends for a few years.  We probably hung out nearly everyday or every other for sure.  We were buddies…and I admit I had a crush on him for a moment.  I did.  Maybe he liked me a little but it never really went anywhere.  We kissed one time.  Whatever.  I would’ve rather stayed great friends than be in some weird relationship with him…because it would’ve been weird.

We stayed friends until I got knocked up…it seems.  Once I was pregnant, he was pretty much MIA.  Babies are scary and all…but it’s not like it was his or anything.  Not nearly as scary.   We chatted every now and again after that and after the Lovelies were more grown up, we met for a cocktail once or twice with another mutual friend of ours.  He stayed the same dude, I suppose.

Now, when I spot him on the street I don’t even think twice about it.  I say to myself Oh, there’s so and so.

I’ve learned the nice-ities that we go through.  The same old how are you, what’s new, we should catch up over a drink, yadda yadda yadda.  All good intentions, but it never happens.  It’s all one sided.  I always have to get in touch with him….and I don’t know if you or he or anyone knows this, but I have an intense full time job, a husband, two dependent and independent children, a big floppy dog, other great friends that I really love spending time with and all that goes along with those things.  I have roughly two slivers of free time in my weeks….

I would hope if this old friend really wanted to get together he might work something out in his single, part-time job having schedule to catch up and let me buy him a drink.  But when I spot him I usually don’t go out of my way to say hello anymore like I used to.

Sheesh.  Sad.


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