It’s the end of the world as we know it…and I feel…

I’m watching a show on the History channel about the prediction of the end of the world…well, not so much the end of the Earth, but the end of our civilization.  They refer to it as a snake shedding its skin and beginning anew.

Wow.  I’m sucked in.  I obviously shouldn’t watch this, I realize.  The Mayan people were masters in math, astronomy, and something else…I can’t remember.  Anyway, they tracked back this alignment of all the planets with the sun and then figured out the next time that it would happen.

This day they foresaw is Dec. 21 2012.  Prophecies that go along with this theory are severe weather, political upheaval, economic distress, sun storms, and civil chaos.  Once all these catastrophes strike, people can go about 4 to 7 days without food and water before they become dangerous to each other. 

So…believe it or not, something’s gotta give.  We need to seize the day.  We need to stop worrying about petty differences and start learning how to live with less and contribute more.  Don’t you think? 

This kind of makes me optimistic.  There is real opportunity for improvement and growth.  Not only within ourselves but within our communities.  Imagine the kinds of things we could change in a whole year!  Imagine learning how to surviving with nothing….to have all electronic history wiped away…to have to grow food and generate heat and collect fresh water.

What are you going to change/learn before the world sheds its skin and starts anew next year??


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