The Bieber

I gave in and went shopping yesterday.  Being a Sunday, you’d think I might be crazy to battle all the crowds on a weekend.  Yeah….except we didn’t leave the house until 6 pm and we only had to go to one store.

One store, because my little Lovelies had written their cutesy little letters to Santa with very specific items from this store’s holiday catalog.  Easy.  It wasn’t so terrible.  I’d say, the only trouble is that they chose toys that are all about $40-50 each!  With 8 or 10 things on their lists, we came to a slight dilemma.

Buy it all?  Buy one or two?  Buy one and a bunch of other crap that wasn’t on their list?  Whatever…..we did our best.

The icing on the cake was the Justin Bieber wrapping paper.  Oh yeah.  My husband wouldn’t let me get any…probably because Santa doesn’t really care about the Biebs.  But I think I might have to go back and get some and wrap all his presents in that cheerful holiday paper.  Baby Oh…

This post isn’t funny at all…..hopefully I’ll get some good silly material today for you….writing about Christmas shopping seems so boring and contrived this time of year.  Blah.


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