…with arsenic sauce…

I am really trying to get myself feeling this holiday spirit everyone keeps talking about.

Where’s your holiday spirit?

Getting ready for the holidays?

Start your shopping yet?  Put up your tree?  Are the kids excited??

What are you, some kind of Grinch?

Fuck off.  Leave me be.  It really is not very much in the spirit of the holidays to judge my degree of holiday spirit on the 8th of December.  Seriously.  I have about the same amount of holiday cheer today as I did on April 27th or June 13th.  Random days throughout the year that nothing important happens.  That is the same as today.

When shall this cheer strike me?  I don’t know…maybe Christmas Eve.  Maybe on the actual day that it is supposed to.  Why do I have to be in this ridiculous holiday spirit from the moment I shit out that Thanksgiving turkey till the hangover on New Year’s day?  Why?

I sure do sound Grinch-ish, don’t I?  I’m not really a grinch.  I like this holiday season just as much as everyone else.  It’s true.  I just feel that this year, more than any other year, everyone is questioning my cheer.  Well, my husband mostly.  He thinks I should be more excited to drag a tree in the house and pull out a bunch of lights and ornaments and decorations and spend the time to place them nicely around said tree and what not.  I should be excited to battle the fat, ugly crowds at the stores that have the things our Lovelies desire.  I should be excited to wrap all the presents and cook yummy food and spend quality time with my family for days on end.  I should be more excited to clean up the mess that this time of year brings with it.

Isn’t that what we all get excited about this time of year?

Here’s the thing….he watches me do all these things.  His holiday spirit is nice and high now because all he has to do is say Good Job.

And that’s fine…that’s fine really…enjoy all the things that I do to make this season bright.  But please don’t call me a Grinch when I am not in the fucking holiday spirit for 4 whole weeks.  Just let me have this spirit for 4 days!!  I would prefer not to stretch my cheeriness so thin.


4 thoughts on “…with arsenic sauce…

  1. Also, do you want to go Christmas shopping together one of these days? I want to get some of that weird shit we saw at the mall. And I was just thinking this summer I want to go camping/hiking more. Do you want to go camping with me some time when it’s a little warmer?

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